Why I Wrote Armor of God

In 2018 and 2019 I went through some hard times – a lost job, a new job, a hard diagnosis and other struggles. My husband and I had just moved to a new state where we knew almost no one. When I faced struggles in the past, I could call my mom, then drive over and sit and chat with her for hours. I also had close friends nearby that I could meet with and they would encourage me. This time I had a handful of friends that I could chat with, but no one (other than my husband) that knew me deeply and could really encourage me or that I felt comfortable unloading on. Phone calls to my mom and close friends were great, and were encouraging, but definitely not the same as a long embrace and a literal shoulder to cry on. It was during this time that my relationship with God was strengthened greatly. He was the one I would turn to and cry out to and many times I could almost literally feel Him holding me. The Holy Spirit spoke so many encouraging words to me through His Word, The Holy Bible, and also through music. It was during this time that one of my daily devotions was on Ephesians 6:10-20. The devotion had talked about how we live in a dark world and we needed to put on the Armor of God everyday to help us fight the spiritual battles against the enemy. I’ve been a Christian since I was very little. I knew there was an Armor of God, but I couldn’t tell you what the pieces were exactly or what they represented. It was then that I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit that I needed to write a book on it for children so they could grow up with an understanding and be equipped with battles they may face early on. I wrestled with God on this for over a year – maybe close to 2 years. I am not a mom, I don’t have little kids around me on a regular basis and I am not a writer! I didn’t go to school for English or Writing. How was I supposed to write and publish a children’s book?

Fast Forward One Year

Jodi King’s “You Got This” devotional

In 2020, Jodi King (https://www.iamjodiking.com/) from Love & The Outcome published a devotional titled “You Got This” (Buy it here). Each devo is titled from one of their songs. When my copy came in the mail, I was so excited. I read the whole thing that day. And my life trajectory was forever changed! There were two devos specifically that God used that day: “Breathing In, Breathing Out; Your dream doesn’t have an expiry date” and “No Mistaking It’s You; Do what lights you up and it will light up the world”. ‘Breathing In, Breathing Out” talks about how we should make time for our passions, even if it’s just a small step. “No Mistaking It’s You” was a gut punch! In that one, Jodi encourages her readers to use their “God-given sweet spot” for God’s glory and to impact others for His kingdom. She goes on to explain that if we are not sure what our ‘sweet spot’ is, to go back and look at our childhood. What did we love to do as a child? And then how do those activities take form in our adult life?


Just some of my journals and notebooks from my childhood!

After I read that devotional, I thought back to my early years: what did I enjoy doing? I liked playing pretend with barbies, baby dolls, and stuffed animals when I was really little. After a little searching, I found and pulled out my memory tote from my school days. Once I started school and learned to read and write, I wrote in journals, I wrote stories, and I wrote poetry. I wrote A LOT! There they all were, staring at me. There was my first grade journal, my 3rd and 5th grade memory books, my journals from middle school. I also found my high school creative writing class binder with short stories, poetry and even a children’s story! It was in that moment that I heard God loud and clear, reminding me that He created me to write, that I have always loved to write and that for what He has called me to do, He will equip me to finish it! So after arguing with God for over a year, I finally obeyed and Armor of God was written.

The top book is my first grade memory book that I wrote. In that book was a picture of a classmate and me holding our books. The bottom book is the book that I wrote.

The very first photo taken of me as an author!

Thank you, Jodi and Chris for your music ministry and for following the Holy Spirit’s prompts to write the devotional, “You Got This.” I am also so grateful and thankful, Holy Spirit, that you did not give up on nudging me to write “Armor of God.” I pray this book will be encouraging and helpful to children and adults as they navigate through life. Order here or request for your local library to carry it!

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